Yr7 Top Tips

My first year at the College

My first year at the College was fun and enjoyable. The staff were helpful and so were the other students. I thought it would be terrifying but it wasn’t. I really enjoy the lessons and I’m sure you will too.


Moving to Earl Mortimer College

My top 3 tips to help you get used to things and stop the worries:

1. At Earl Mortimer College, it is unlikely that you might get lost. There are sign posts everywhere! To make sure that you don’t get lost, there is always a member of staff walking around the College to ask, or stay with a friend, or you can just follow the people that are in your class, or you could just ask a student walking around the College. After a couple of days you will be able to find your way around the College easily!!

2. You will find that you won’t be given too much homework in the first week. Just make sure that you complete it as soon as possible and then you won’t have to worry about doing it for the next day!

3. In Year 7 you will see how helpful the older students are. They really look out for new Year 7s! If you have any worries go and see the student ABC Team and they will help you out. In registration with your Tutor you could even stay behind and talk or speak to a member of staff in private if you have any questions.


A Year 7 student’s view of life in the College

Starting Year 7 was good and the Teachers were nice. I was a bit worried about getting lost but to my surprise I didn’t! By the second day I had three pieces of homework so I was worried about what to do. When I read it out of my new Planner it looked easy after all. By the fourth day I felt like I knew the College like the back of my hand so you don’t have to worry. Have lots of fun!


Teachers at Earl Mortimer College

The teachers aren’t as scary as they look as long as you don’t annoy them! Behaviour is good so it’s not a problem.


Are the scary stories true?

In Year 6 I was told lots of scary stories but none of them happened at all. The older students are helpful and kind. The teachers are great unless you are naughty. There are loads of clubs and if there isn’t a club that you would like you can try and start a new one. Earl Mortimer College is pretty much the same as my old school except we have sets, Tutors, longer breaks and better sports choices. You are trusted more too.