Yr7 Q&A

No doubt you will have spotted staff from the College visiting your Primary School recently.

Making the move from “little school” to “Big school” can make people nervous so to make it a little bit easier here are the answers to the top ten questions you asked about us:

1) What happens if I am bullied?

This seems to be the number one worry for new students across the whole country! The truth is that bullying rarely happens. If it ever does the College has highly effective systems in place to deal with it quickly. Bullying is bad, bullying is wrong, and we don’t stand for it. In addition to support from your new teachers you can even speak with some of the older students in private. They run a special support group called ABC. Relax; bullying is hardly ever a problem here at the College.

2) Where are the toilets?

You will find blocks of toilets scattered across the College. They are labelled and you will see them on the special map that will be given to you. They are bright, clean, private and modern.

3) What do I do if I get lost?

Easy: ask someone! For a high school, EMC is actually pretty small compared to some others. Any member of staff will tell you which way to go. Don’t worry; you will know the College like the back of your hand in no time at all. It’s not as big as it looks and there are sign posts all over the place.

4) How easy is it to make friends in College?

Many of you asked this question. The answer is easy: it is very easy to make friends here! You will be amazed how many new people you will know by the end of your first week. Just think that somebody else reading this page is about to become your new Best Friend; you just haven’t met them yet.

5) Will I be able to stay with my friends from my old school?

We try very hard to place you in a tutor group with at least a few of your friends but we cannot guarantee it. At the end of the day you will make friends with loads of new faces. Fact.

6) How large are the classes and Tutor groups?

Expect no more than thirty students in each class, on average. Most are far smaller than that.

7) What subjects will I do in Year 7?

There are so many that they wouldn’t fit on this web page! Expect many of the lessons and subjects that you are familiar with, such as English, Maths, Science, Art and Geography. You will also discover totally new subjects like Citizenship. Don’t worry; you will be issued with a booklet from all of your teachers during the autumn term to show to your parents or carers. It will outline many more of the subjects and topics that you will be working on.

8) How many types of sport can I do in Year 7?

Once again, there are so many different sports to take part in that they simply will not squeeze into this web page! Expect the sports with which you are familiar plus many more that may be new to you. Whether it is swimming, dance, football, netball, athletics, rounders or basketball, you will be amazed at what we have in store for you! Relax; you’re in the hands of the county’s premier Specialist Sports College!

9) What are the teachers like?

Some of the most talented people you are ever likely to meet! Rest assured you are in safe hands when it comes to providing you with excellent lessons.

10) How many lessons will I do each day?

There are five lessons each day. We call them Periods. You will enjoy four periods in the morning with a break half way, plus one more period in the afternoon after lunch.

11) How do we keep our mobile phones and mp3 players safe during the day?

You keep them safe at home, not here at the College! Valuable items like phones and music players are banned from the College. This is a place of work after all.

12) Who will tell us what to wear for lessons like Sport or DT?

Lots of guidance will be issued to you in writing before you start. The Open Evening is a great way to discover the “ins and outs” of kit and equipment. Our prospectus contains lots of information too. So does this website. If you miss all of that don’t panic because your teachers will remind you in September.

13) Where do the College buses drop me off / collect me from?

Buses use our own massive car park each morning and afternoon. They arrive and depart at different times so please check before you travel.

14) What do I do if the work is too hard for me?

Rule number one: ask someone for help! Your teachers are there to help you and there is absolutely NO shame in raising a hand and saying, “sorry but I’m not sure what to do. Please may I have some help?”

15) Are there any rewards for good work?

Yes! We have an excellent rewards scheme in which you may earn great grades and prizes. Go for it!

16) What’s the canteen food like?

The quality of our canteen food is amazing. A variety of hot and cold food is served daily, designed to appeal to everybody. Pasta, roast dinner, vegetarian options, jacket potatoes, baguettes, Panini, juice, water….. you name it. The days of chips served with mash are long gone!

17) Do we have to be on time for our lessons in the first few weeks?

Yes. Every lesson is important and we use the phrase, “be on time for learning” to remind us. During the first week your teachers will expect one or two students to be a little late but almost everybody makes it on time, every time.

18) Do you provide musical instrument lessons?

Yes we do. Many students receive expert tuition by specialist music teachers in addition to the regular curriculum provided by the music department to all students. Whether you sing, dance, beat the drums or blow a horn, we are really looking forward to seeing and hearing your musical talent in September.