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Vision Statement

We, the staff and governors, aspire to ensure that all our students achieve their potential in full; and we aspire to support our students to be fully included in the college community. 

 At Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre we believe that every child matters. The well being of our students is paramount in our planning and delivery of teaching and learning. We are proud that the college was recently described by Ofsted as a “caring environment where the specific needs of students are well met.”

At Earl Mortimer we recognise that people learn in different ways and this is considered in the planning and preparation of lessons. However, we acknowledge that some students will require additional support to achieve their potential and ensure that progress is made.

We support students in numerous ways. We have a team of skilled Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who work closely with teaching staff to ensure students with additional educational needs feel fully included in the school community. We offer students additional support with literacy, numeracy, self-esteem, emotional resilience etc. Programmes of support are planned and personalised to meet the needs of students with identified additional needs.

Examples of programmes of support:

  • Literacy- Rapid Reading, Lexia etc.
  • Numeracy- personalised programmes for learners with specific difficulties and accelerated learning programmes etc.
  • Speech, language and communication skills
  • The ‘Friends’ Programme
  • Emotional resilience
  • Literacy and numeracy acceleration
  • Study skills

We work with external agencies such as the Educational Psychology Service, Learning Support Service, Gypsy Roma Traveller Community Liaison, Sensory Impairment Service etc. We seek advice and support to ensure our students’ needs are met within the college community. We are happy and willing to invite agencies into school to work with our students during the school.

Identification of pupils

We work very closely with our feeder schools to ensure there is continuity of support for our learners. All students are screened on an annual basis to measure progress in reading, writing and numeracy. This data along with teacher assessments, is used to inform our decisions about students receiving additional learning support and/ or being included on the AEN register. All of our teachers teach students with additional learning needs and make the appropriate adjustments to their lessons so that all learners can be included. We have high expectations of our students and strive to ensure they meet these expectations.

Lunch Club and Homework Club

We are a busy and lively faculty which is well utilised by students of all ages and abilities. Every lunch time we hold a lunch club where students can chat, play games and socialise in a supportive environment. After college, we run a homework club where students can receive support to complete set work and make use of the college’s extensive facilities. Both of these clubs are well attended and valued by our students; we welcome new members!

Examination Success

The Xlr8 team are really proud of the exam successes earned by the students who were supported by us during their time at Earl Mortimer College. Many students overcame barriers to their learning to achieve personal successes.

Students were supported through mentoring programmes and a succession of booster programmes. Positive relationships have been forged between staff and students along the way whether this was through in-class support or through additional intervention sessions.

We are particularly pleased to see so many of the students we supported return to the Sixth Form Centre. It is great that these students have chosen to continue their education at Earl Mortimer College.

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Special Educational Needs Policy.

The Colleges offer in support of pupils with Special Educational Needs and or disability (SEND) information report 2014/15

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