Vision and Values

Welcome to Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre.

I am delighted to welcome you and share with you our Vision and Values.

We state clearly that we want all students to Believe, Achieve and Succeed at EMC. What does that mean?


We want all our students to believe in themselves; to strive for the very best of what they are capable.

Self-belief is based on hard work, determination and dedication. At EMC we are all part of one family with common values and so belief is also about believing in the College, its core values, valuing learning and above all,  valuing each other.  We are all part of the same team.


Nothing can be achieved without hope and a sense of genuine purpose.  You are not just at College to study but to make a positive contribution to others.  By being part of a team and helping others you will achieve self-belief, self-confidence and a sense of achievement.  Enrich your life.  Enrich the life of others. Take the sparks of possibility and turn them into the flames of achievement. Set goals, have targets, work with dedication to achieve for yourself and for others.


What does success look like at EMC?

Clearly the key is about giving of your best each and every day. This can be demonstrated in so many ways.

An organised, pre-planned week where books are sorted, homework completed and timetable known and followed, makes life so much easier.

This sense of coming to College with a purpose means that our students are then ready to learn.

Learning is the purpose of study, lessons and College.

A student who has prepared their learning, wants to learn and values learning will succeed.

However, learning is not just about the academic curriculum but also the world of social and pastoral relationships.

Our key expectations of all students is that they “Do as asked when requested”.

In summary terms, it is vital that every student is biddable and cooperative, and able to work with both their classmates and teachers.  It is about team work, being part of something bigger than yourself and meeting the expectations of EMC.

A student who has self-belief, a sense of achievement and then aims high for success is one who will fit in at EMC.