SMSC in Design & Technology

Students’ Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural is developed in design & technology in a number of ways. We believe that in educating our students to think about the impact of their designing and making on the environment and people. Sustainability and the clear understanding of how this is applied to designing new products is paramount if we are to protect the world’s natural resources. Students are also expected to grow and develop a sense of social responsibility, mutual respect and care for each other through our teaching of behaviour self-regulation. We expect students to influence the behaviour of others around them by encouraging a confidence to challenge each other when standards fall below our collective expectations.

Mutual respect is engendered through the process of peer evaluation of each other’s work and standards.

We empower students to take criticism positively and to articulate their views in a respectful and sensitive way. We support this through the celebration of human fallibility as a motivator to learn and succeed.

We support students search for Meaning and Purpose through encouraging creativity in projects and challenge them with the fundamental question, how will my designing benefit humanity? Students draw upon a variety of sources for inspiration. Many of these are natural but true creativity comes from the freedom to explore within more open ended projects

Equal Opportunities: Is taught through collaborative and team learning. Valuing contributions and celebrating these as well as outcomes. We try to instil in students that the journey is more important than the outcome because that is where true understanding is gained.