SMSC in Music

The Music Department contributes greatly to the SMSC curriculum at EMC.  We strive to develop an appreciation for the arts with students of all year groups developing an awareness of style, genre and performance. As a department we have devised appropriate units of work and extra-curricular activities to expose students to a variety of different cultures, beliefs and to assist them in seeing the world from other points of view. We hope that through the work of the Music Department, students develop an awareness of the power of music, and the effect it can have on an audience to make them think or act differently.

In Year 7

Students are able to work as an ensemble during the Samba and Gamelan Units as well as explore, learn to understand and respect other cultures.  They are able to work creatively through their composition of graphic scores in the Elements Unit.  Year 7s learn how to appreciate musical heritage through learning about traditional notations in the Rhythm and Keyboard Units.

In Year 8

Students are exposed to different cultures and learn to understand and respect them through their study of The Blues and Reggae.  They are able to work creatively through their composition work in the Theme and Variations Unit.  Year 8s learn how to appreciate their musical heritage through learning about the traditional format of the orchestra in the Instruments of the Orchestra Unit.  Students work as an ensemble and develop creativity and self-expression through their Singing performances.

In Year 9

Students study their musical heritage through their work in the Film Music and Songwriting Units.  They also learn to understand the influence of audience on music in their Music Product Unit.  Year 9s learn how to work productively as an ensemble and creatively as performers through the Ensemble Performance Unit.


Students develop their spiritual selves through their enjoyment of music and making music with others.  They are able to reflect on their experiences and take part in creativity through performance.  They develop their social skills through their work in ensembles.  KS4 students learn to appreciate their musical heritage as well as improving their understanding of other cultures through their study of music from other countries and times in history.

Extra-Curricular Music

There are a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available to students in the Music Department and these experiences contribute to students’ spiritual, social and cultural development.  Students experience enjoyment of music and making music with others, develop a range of social skills through participating in a variety of social settings, explore, understand and respect other cultures through participating in cultural opportunities.