Music at Key Stage 3

Year 7

In year 7, students are taught Music through exposure to as much practical work as possible.  We study traditional notation through an understanding of graphic scores and an investigation into how music can be represented in a written/drawn form.  Students then develop their knowledge of music notation through working at the keyboards and learning new pieces.  World music is an essential part of the national curriculum, so year 7s study two world music topics: Samba and Gamelan.

Year 8

Year 8 is a chance for students to expand their musical knowledge and experience new musical styles.  They learn a new instrument: the ukulele and through this, develop their understanding of chords.  Year 8s also get to have a go at singing through lots of whole class and group projects.  The instruments of the orchestra are introduced to year 8s through a unit developing their listening skills, one of the key strands of the national curriculum.  World music is again a focus of year 8 study, and students look at Blues and Reggae music.

Year 9

Year 9 focuses both on composition and performance skills.  To develop composition skills, students study film music and compose a soundtrack for a film clip.  They also study an extended unit on songwriting, learning the basic tools for putting together the main elements of a song.  To develop performance skills, students work to put together an ensemble performance of a pop song, through a pupil lead project developing group skills as well as musicianship skills.  Finally, to conclude the study of Music at KS3, year 9s get the opportunity to bring together all of the different elements they have learnt over the last three years by creating a CD of all of their greatest hits!