Gifted and Talented


Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre is committed to the effective provision of personalised learning and equal opportunities, for all students. We are committed to providing an environment that encourages all students to maximise their true potential.  We recognise that this includes ‘Gifted’ and ‘Talented’ students.  As a College, we are committed to: supporting the development of the ‘whole child’, intellectually and socially, and working for quality and equality of opportunity.

We recognise that a gift or talent does not guarantee success and that Gifted and Talented students can need specific support to fully realise their potential. Gifted and Talented students will be identified, appropriately targeted and challenged in all areas of the curriculum and during specialised and relevantly tailored learning days and events.


At Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre, we meet the needs of Gifted and Talented students with a tri-partite programme including acceleration, extension and enrichment opportunities. Although there is much over-lap in the concepts, basic provision typically consists of:

  • The PE Department provides the Junior Athlete Education (JAE) Programme for Gifted and Talented athletes.  This is a support programme to which each student is provided with a mentor for support, advice and guidance.  Workshops are also organised to assist with their training and competition requirements.
  • Specialised “off timetable” days, where Gifted and Talented Year 8 students help teach / support Year 7 PP students to complete two assessed pieces in English.
  • Year 10 and Year 11 Gifted and Talented girls attending a conference, at the University of Wolverhampton, centred on studying mathematics at a further and higher level.
  • Year 10 Gifted and Talented mathematicians attending a conference at the University of Birmingham, where they have to undertake a quiz against local schools in the area.
  • Subject areas are expected to provide for G&T students in terms of differentiated work, extension activities and constructive feedback being offered.
  • Individual students’ curriculum needs are catered for regarding fast tracked into examinations early at GCSE and/or additional vocational subjects attained.


  • All schemes of work indicate appropriate extension resources and materials for use with Gifted and Talented students in lessons
  • All members of staff make full use of THINKING SKILLS in their planning and teaching

Enrichment within the curriculum

  • All subjects have designated enrichment components in their schemes of work for use with gifted and talented students.

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