Sport at Key Stage 3

Year 7 Aims and Approach

Students entering Earl Mortimer College do so from a variety of primary schools. Due to the outstanding work of the School Sports Co-ordinator, the entry level standard is becoming more consistent and basic concepts and skills have been introduced. The entry process into our subject is monitored by the faculty and during this process the students undertake a variety of experiences in order to determine their preferred areas and approaches to physical activity.

The initial lessons allow a broad range of activity and an insight into a variety of content. Students experience activity from an aesthetic, competitive  and co-operative perspective. The process also permits the students to engage with peers from other primary schools and is an important part of the introduction to life at Earl Mortimer College. Further to physical experiences, students are given a questionnaire which aims to discover areas that they prefer, tolerate and dislike. From a combination of the answers to the questionnaire and the students perception of their preference activity groups are drawn up. The process is not infallible and misplaced students are accommodated in their appropriate style of activity.

The range of study is the same however the delivery style is structured to suit a more thoughtful approach, a movement style of approach or a competitive approach. The intention is to encourage all performers to feel comfortable in their learning environment, realising that although a highly competitive performer and an aesthetic performer may both enjoy an activity they may enjoy the activity in a different manner and may be discouraged by the same approach. Therefore, targets, styles and delivery are aimed at the group from a slightly different perspective.

Swimming is treated as a different approach due to the confidence necessary to become a successful swimmer. The whole group is taught at the same time in a single module of work where the students are ability split. The aim is to afford all students in Year 7 the opportunity to learn to swim. Those who arrive at Earl Mortimer College being able to swim or competent swimmers are extended to increase their ability and understanding of swimming activities.

Year 8 & 9 Aims and Approach

Having established preferred learning styles and confidence within the subject, years 8 and 9 aim to build upon and further develop the positive experiences from year 7. Modules continue to be ‘blocked’ with concentration upon specific areas of Physical Education with the learners being offered a wide range of experiences. In addition to a variety of activities, the students also receive the opportunity to experience a wide range of roles (performer, official, coach and recorder amongst others).

Students are given greater ownership of their learning and leadership, discussion and responsibility are encouraged.

A one size fits all approach is inappropriate and students will not follow the same pathway as all others within their group. The student is at the heart of the process and a multi-skill, skill specific – not sport specific approach is employed.

The KS3 experience is to be completed by the beginning of the Summer term in year 9, to enable formal assessment to be completed and also allow a two year KS4.