Sports Leaders

EMC has a variety of Sports Leadership opportunities for students from National Governing Body [NGB] awards to organising and running House Festivals and tournaments for visiting KS1 & KS2 pupils and our own Year7-11.

Leadership opportunities have been enhanced and broadened through the generous support offered by The Kingspan Community Trust. Their financial support has enabled a wider range of NGB qualifications to be gained and subsequently the young people in the community have been introduced to a wider range of sporting activities.

In core PE lessons the Year 9 learners have followed the England Cricket Board Young Leader Award where the Herefordshire County Cricket Development Officer came into College and lead a block of sessions. After this the group assisted in the running of a cricket festival then helped with the Special Needs Cricket Tournament at the Herefordshire Summer Games.

In Year 10 there are opportunities for students to take the Young Netball Leader Award. In these core sessions they are trained to organise training sessions for KS2 in High Five, the primary adapted version of netball. As part of the course they are taken into each of the primary schools during core P.E. lessons to coach the Primary School Pupils .They also have to organise and run a mini tournament for the schools in North Herefordshire. At the end of the course, if they have met the necessary criteria they are awarded the NGB award.

A number of these Netball enthusiasts also complete and qualify as Young Netball Umpire. This is then put into practice with Primary School Tournaments in addition to helping to officiate during KS3 fixtures against opposing schools.

At KS4 there is also the opportunity to complete the ‘Quick Sticks’ Hockey Leadership programme. This involves instruction followed by practical leadership experience in the Primary schools, culminating in a Quick Sticks Festival held on the college Astro-Turf facility.

Those students following the exam courses in PE at KS4 have blocks of work devoted to improving their leadership skills. These range from taking modified lessons in their practical lessons to hosting festivals and tournaments for KS1, KS2 & KS3 pupils. These students also join with our KS5 BTEC PE students in organising and leading sports sessions for Westfield Special School, using our facilities.

The Rugby Young Leaders award is also extremely popular; this leads to the organisation and refereeing of the Primary Tag-Rugby Festival. The Young Dance Leader award has been run in conjunction with Laura Latter and The Melody Dance Company: This helps to strengthen community links in addition to allowing those with a Dance interest to develop performance, leadership and assist with the young Dance Club attendees.

In Year 12 and 13 the students are encouraged to do the Sports Leader UK Young Leader Level 2 and 3 awards. In addition to following the extensive course they have to perform a series of leadership tasks and some voluntary work. For the Level 3 Higher Sports Leader they have to volunteer to do ten hours work each with the primary schools, local clubs and Special Schools. This qualification is worth 30 UCAS points which is exceptionally valuable for those contemplating university or a career in sport or leadership.

As part of the Sky Sport Living for Sport initiative a group of Year 9’s developed leadership ideas and delivered an inspiring sporting session on Year 6 Transition Day. These targeted learners had been specifically identified as non-traditional sports performers; they exhibited lack of confidence and/or irregular participation. As a result of Leadership specific sessions there was a noticeable change in their approach towards sport at the college.

We have also been able to take the opportunity to let younger students from Year 8 be trained by College staff and sporting mentors from Olympians to National players as young Leaders. They have then run special sports sessions for the visiting KS2 pupils on visits from their feeder primary schools to the college.