Sixth Form Information

Making the right decision regarding what to do at Post 16 is quite daunting but also very exciting! At the Earl Mortimer Sixth Form Centre we offer a broad education in a caring and supportive environment that enables you to gain the qualifications and experiences required for your future career and pathway.

Post 16 Education group

There is a wide range of AS/A level courses offered from traditional Humanities, Science and Languages to Psychology and Media Studies. A number of vocational courses are also provided in Sport, Health & Social Care, Hospitality & Catering and ICT. All students are encouraged to take part in some form of enrichment which includes either recreational and/or gaining additional qualifications. Private study sessions are encouraged and volunteering & leadership advised.

Outstanding Facilities

The Sixth Form Centre is for the exclusive use of the sixth form students. Briefly, it comprises of a large open plan common room with a comfortable seating area, photocopying machine, plasma TV, chairs and tables. It also possesses a well equipped kitchen area with sink, fridge, microwave, vending machine and one ICT suite with a large quiet study area. There is also a careers room which will allow you instant access to the best advice and guidance for your future success.

Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching is at the heart of the Earl Mortimer College and particularly so in the Sixth Form. Staff and student relationships are excellent based on prior knowledge and recognising each student’s strengths and areas to develop. Small teaching groups and a friendly atmosphere radically increase the quality of teaching. Quality assurance measures including teacher observations, target setting and student work scrutiny all contribute to effective learning.

Advice, Support and Personal Development

The Earl Mortimer College Sixth Form Centre prides itself on its high quality academic and pastoral guidance. The support of students is provided by the Sixth Form Management Team including the Sixth Form Learning Manager, Deputy Learning Manager who are part of the three pastoral tutors and an Administration Assistant. Each tutor is allocated a tutor group of Yr 12 & 13 students in which each student can expect to receive an individual tutorial at least once per half term to discuss individual targets and overall progress. Opportunities to broaden our student’s horizons include a one hour a week volunteering experience (College or Community placement), participating in our enrichment programme as well as many other leadership prospects.

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