Not only do we place huge emphasis on knowing all of our students as individuals, we place equal significance on high achieving, academic success across the curriculum.

Although national measures are not yet published for Summer 2017 we are delighted with both individual and collective success. Some students have achieved a 9 in every subject. Overall curriculum performance for 5+ GCSE in the English Baccalaureate is 19%. This statistic underlines our strong academic curriculum.

In 2016/17 the results were;

-0.13 – Progress 8 score
48.9 – Attainment 8 (England average 48.5).
 56% Pupils achieving Grade C or better in English and maths GCSEs (England average 59.3%).
 28% Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate (England average 23.1%).

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Student destinations

Obviously a students results are the first step on their journey into further education or work based learning, please see below the destinations of the 2016 cohort:

Apprenticeships 7%,
Work based learning 32%,
Sixth Form College 36%,
School Sixth Form 20%,
Other destinations 3%.

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