REP at Sixth Form

AS/A Level

Religious Studies is a very popular choice within the Sixth form. The course builds upon the Religious, Ethical and Philosophical issues studied at GCSE Level. Students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of key issues that impact on society today, on a world wide scale. The course is full of lively discussion and controversy, pushing students to think outside of the box. Students study the WJEC specification.

AS Units – Year 12

Unit 1 - An introduction to Religious EthicsUnit 2 - An Introduction to the philosophy of Religion
Natural LawThe Cosmological Argument
Situation EthicsThe Teleological Argument
UtilitarianismEvil and Suffering
Applied Sexual EthicsMysticism
Written Examination: 1hr 15minWritten Examination: 1hr 15min

A2 Units – Year 13

Unit 3: Studies in Philosophy of ReligionUnit 4: Religion and Human experience
Is religious faith rational?Life, death and life after death.
Is religious language meaningful?Students are required to study this unit as a synoptic paper. The unit will be 25% teacher taught, 75% independent study. This unit allows pupils to pull together the skills that they have established throughout the AS/A level course.
Is religious faith compatible with scientific evidence?
Written Examination -1 hour 45minWritten Examination -1 hour 45min