Principal’s Update

A very warm welcome to the start of the new academic year.  Welcome back to all our students in Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and the Sixth Form.  Welcome to all our “new” students in Year 7. We are absolutely delighted at the way the new Year 7 are settling in.

Before I say anything else I want to introduce our new staff team, many of whom are either new to EMC or new to a role at the College.

We have expanded and further developed our teaching team to include eight new staff.  In the case of Humanities this is to also cover the maternity leave of Mrs K Gummer who has had a baby boy called Brogan at the start of last summer.  Congratulations to Mrs Gummer and thank you to all students, parents and carers for your good wishes: mother and baby are doing fine.


As a highly experienced teacher Mr M Hunt has switched from History to REP to ensure Mrs Gummer’s good work is sustained.

We have appointed a new historian, Mr S Wood and a new geographer, Mr D Webb.  Both of them started with us in the last few weeks of last term in order to prepare for the term.  Mr Wood and Mr Webb are both new Year 7 tutors.


Science too has welcomed two new teachers. We are delighted to have an experienced capable teacher in Dr D Kelly join the faculty and an enthusiastic new member of staff, Dr A Day-Jones.  Mrs N Perkins is now back from maternity leave and the faculty is fully staffed with specialist teachers of Science.


After many years of service to the College we finally say farewell to three of our part time teachers of PE.  Mrs Langer, Mrs Davies and Miss Bufton.  In their place we have appointed an experienced teacher of PE in Miss E Parton. We are really pleased to have appointed Miss Parton as she emerged successfully from a highly competitive field of candidates.


Our very strong and able Technology and Art Faculty is now led by Mrs J De-Sondberg, who took on the role of permanent Faculty Leader as of September. We have also added to the team’s capacity in appointing Miss N Wilde. We are very pleased with both appointments and look forward to the continued success of the faculty. Mr P South has moved up from Faculty Leader and Assistant Principal to become Vice Principal of the College.


English too has undergone some changes.  Although Miss N Goodman remains as Faculty Leader she is also now a member of the College’s Senior Leadership Team in her role as Assistant Principal.  The English Faculty is further strengthened by the addition of Mrs K Price as a new teacher of English and Miss B MacBain our new English Learning Mentor.  Mr D Quigley will remain as our Co-ordinator of Gifted and Talented students and Miss A Babington is our new Literacy Co-ordinator.


The Faculty of Maths has two new additions.  We are delighted to welcome back Mr S Murphy who re-joins us after a break of a couple of years.  Mr Murphy is not only a teacher of Maths but is also the Pastoral Leader of Year 9.  (Many students were pleased to see him back at EMC).  We have also appointed a new Maths Learning Mentor, Miss M Serna Ferrer.

Congratulations to Mr J Marrett who is now Faculty Leder for Maths.  Mrs D Moczulski continues her role as second in Faculty and Whole College Numeracy Co-Ordinator.


Talking of staff returning to EMC our former Librarian Mrs S Ridd has also made a warm return to EMC: we are really happy to have her back at the helm in our well stocked Library to reinvigorate our Accelerated Reader Scheme.

Learning Development

As many parents and carers know our Learning Development Team lead SEN/AEN for the whole College. Countless children have benefitted from the individual care and support provided by our highly experience SENCo, Mrs J Common and her highly able team of Teaching Assistants. To further support and develop the work of Learning Development we have appointed Miss A Beddoes to the role of Social Inclusion Officer to work alongside Mrs Common in leading our AEN Team. We have also increased our Teaching Assistant provision by adding Mrs R Monkley to the team.

As you can see for yourself Earl Mortimer College continues to lead, change and develop to enhance and improve provision.

I appreciate this is a lot to take in and that in any large organisation it is sometimes difficult to know who to contact if you have a query.

If you go to section entitled parents on the website and click on “communication and who to contact” you will find clear links to a full range of staff.

Please use this simple process when thinking about whom to contact.

What is the issue I need to address?
If it is a curriculum issue or concern about a particular lesson or subject then it makes greater sense to contact either the specific teacher themselves or the Faculty Leader for that subject.

If it is a pastoral issue then your first point of contact should be the Form Tutor.

If you feel it is a more serious issue and you do not feel the form tutor is able to address your concerns then contact your child’s Pastoral Leader.

Please note the names of tutors and pastoral leaders for all year groups below.

Pastoral Team 2017/2018

Key Stage 3 Pastoral Leader Mr Julian Wharam Lead for Year 7  jwharam@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Key Stage 3 Deputy Pastoral Leader Miss Jess Hardy Lead for Year 8 jhardy@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Year 7 Tutors

D Webb DJW   dwebb@emc.hereford.sch.uk
S Wood  SRW  swood@emc.hereford.sch.uk
N Wilde/V Jones NLW/VKJ  nwilde@emc.hereford.sch.uk  vjones@emc.hereford.sch.uk
K Price KAP  kprice@emc.hereford.sch.uk
R Shill/D Moczulski RDS/DLM  rshill@emc.hereford.sch.uk  dmoczulski@emc.hereford.sch.uk
A Day-Jones ADJ ajones@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Year 8 Tutors

C Chadd CRC cchadd@emc.hereford.sch.uk
D Kelly DRK dkelly@emc.hereford.sch.uk
M Hunt MIH mhunt@emc.hereford.sch.uk
E Parton EKP eparton@emc.hereford.sch.uk
N Perkins/A Kingdon NJP/AYK  nperkins@emc.hereford.sch.uk   akingdon@emc.hereford.sch.uk
G Morris GGM  gmorris@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Key Stage 4 Pastoral Leader Mr Paul Bescoby pbescoby@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Key Stage 4 Pastoral Mr Steve Murphy Lead for Year 9 smurphy@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Year 9 Tutors

D Quigley DBQ  dquigley@emc.hereford.sch.uk
A Babington AFB  ababington@emc.hereford.sch.uk
P Howl PJH phowl@emc.hereford.sch.uk
J Marrett JAM jmarrett@emc.hereford.sch.uk
L Steventon LAS lsteventon@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Year 10 Tutors

G Edwards GME gedwards@emc.hereford.sch.uk
V Howells VEH  vhowells@emc.hereford.sch.uk
J Stevens JMS  jstevens@emc.hereford.sch.uk
J De-Sondberg/L Wilson JDS/LEW  jde-sondberg@emc.hereford.sch.uk  lwilson@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Year 11 Tutors

J Hussey JLH  jhussey@emc.hereford.sch.uk
A John PAJ ajohn@emc.hereford.sch.uk
C Stables CSS cstables@emc.hereford.sch.uk
N Goodman/R Joules NSG/RPJ ngoodman@emc.hereford.sch.uk  rjoules@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Key Stage 5 Pastoral Leader, Mr Nigel Maddock nmaddock@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Sixth Form

D Moczulski DLM  dmoczulski@emc.hereford.sch.uk
S Wilkie SLW swilkie@emc.hereford.sch.uk

SLT Pastoral Leader Mr Nigel Maddock

It may be that once you have followed this procedure you still feel you need to take the matter further.  In that case please contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  You can do this by contacting Reception, The Principal’s PA, Miss L Griffiths, lgriffiths@emc.hereford.sch.uk or by contacting a member of staff directly.

If you do speak to Miss Matthews on Reception please be polite, patient and reasonable.

Having written about what is new and changing, I also need to highlight that some things remain firmly the same.


Please.  It is so important to arrive on time for social occasions, for work and certainly for College.   Get into the habit of being on time.  A small but very important life skill. We value punctuality and as such so do our students.  Please continue to support us.


This is an issue that is about as importance as it gets.  If a child does not go to school he/she cannot be in lessons, and therefore he/she cannot learn.

The prime reason for the existence of any school is for the purpose of student learning.  An empty school is just a building; it needs children to bring it alive.

Please ensure your son or daughter attends regularly. Every day missed means missing 5 lessons and 5 lessons are all links in a chain of learning.

Avoid taking holidays in term time, and please avoid occasional days off.


In an ideal world this would be straight forward.  However, some students appear to provide each other with mixed messages.

Our uniform is relatively simple: Green blazer, white shirt, a school tie.

We want smart black trousers (not skinny fit style or legging type fits).  We want smart skirts not tube skirts, tight fitting or too short skirts.  (All our students know what is expected of them and the vast majority comply).

Shoes are often deceptive as some styles may look superficially acceptable.  If it has a sports logo of any type such as Adidas, Nike etc, or brands such as Vans, then it should be obvious they are not school shoes.  Plain black lace up, or Velcro are best or many girls favour a slip on style (not dolly shoe).  They may not look fashionable but school is not a fashion parade but rather about meeting expectations and fitting in with the College Community and its identity.

Finally, above all and above everything else we want you to support us and we need you to support us.  Our working with your son and daughter is a partnership between home and College.

The vast majority of parents and carers are always ready to back up the College in how it works with students. We are always prepared to listen and we will endeavour to get things right.  Please work with us and keep the lines of communications open.

The more we can work together for the benefit of your son or daughter, the greater capacity we have to make a difference.