Ofsted Inspection


The reason we are a Good College is that we work very hard at being one: we have unlimited ambition.

All Staff and Governors share our aspiration that students can and must do well. We know that parents and carers feel exactly the same.

We do this by giving our students a wide range of experiences and opportunities to achieve academic success and further their personal development.

I am deeply proud of Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre and particularly proud of our students, our teachers and the work of everyone associated with the College.

I have every confidence that in sending your child to Earl Mortimer College you are making a positive choice not just for their education but their future life.

We are a much smaller than average sized school offering exceptionally high levels of individual care and attention to each and every student.  We know all our students and each one is treated as an individual personality and character.

This combination of very traditional values, based on care and support, combined with modern state-of-the-art resourcing and high quality contemporary teaching makes us what we are:  a Good school with all the capacity to do even better.

I invite you to read our recent Ofsted report, read our website, visit the College and come and talk to us.  See for yourself why we have improved so fast and so significantly in recent years.  We look forward to meeting you in the near future. Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre is the future of education: Be a part of it.

“This is a Good school” Her Majesty’s Inspectorate Report: Ofsted 2013.

It is widely acknowledged that the Ofsted framework used by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools is more rigorous and demanding than ever before.

At this time of significantly increased challenge for all sectors of education, Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre is the only secondary school in Herefordshire to have improved its Ofsted rating.

What does this mean?

First and foremost I recommend that you read the entire report itself as it is self-explanatory:


However, here are some key highlights.

This is a good school.

Why is it good?

because …… we “share a vision, ambition and drive to inspire students”.
because …… our students “are courteous, polite and welcoming”.
because …….”students respond well to the high expectations of the College”.

Progress, progress, progress

  • “Achievement is good and improving”.
  • “Students make good progress”.
  • “SEN students achievement is increasing faster … because of effective specialist support”.
  • “Catch up premium students are making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics”.
  • “Individual support is boosting current achievement”.
  • “Students at risk of underachieving are quickly identified and receive effective support immediately”.

Teaching, teaching, teaching

  • “Teaching is good and some is outstanding”.
  • “Teachers combine their excellent subject knowledge with a clear understanding of how students learn”.
  • “Teachers plan lessons well to improve students’ knowledge and build their self-confidence”.
  • “Teachers are skilful and effective in adapting work to match the needs of individuals”.
  • “Careful questioning enables students to make rapid progress in lessons”.
  • “Teachers and Teaching Assistants work together effectively and support is matched well to students’ needs”.

Behaviour, behaviour, behaviour

  • “Students’ good behaviour in lessons and around the College has a positive impact on their learning”.
  • “The College responds effectively to all behaviour issues”.
  • “Students agree that their school is a safe place to be”.
  • “Student can identify staff they would turn to if they had a particular need”.
  • “Students’ good behaviour and positive attitude to learning help them make good progress”.
  • “The promotion of students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development helps tackle any instance of discrimination effectively, ensuring students have an equal chance to succeed”.

Assessment, assessment, assessment  

  • “The tracking of students’ progress during Key Stage 3 is rigorous”.
  • “The College has an effective marking and assessment system which is used consistently”.
  • “Students know their targets”.
  • “The analysis of students’ progress is detailed”.
  • “Clear understanding of school performance is evident in the improvements which have been made”.
  • “Teachers accurately assess students to enable them to make more rapid progress”.

Sixth Form, Sixth Form, Sixth Form

  • “The Sixth Form is good and students make good progress”.
  • “Students in the Sixth Form enjoy the opportunities they are given by the College”.
  • “Students’ progress is monitored rigorously and they are all guided towards the next step of their education”.
  • “Achievement in the Sixth Form is good and results are improving”.
  • “A broad and effective curriculum meets students’ needs”.
  • “Students take on additional responsibilities and contribute to the life of the College”.

You’ve read what the experts say but what about our students, parents and carers.


  • “It is very important to us that our children are happy in an environment where they will learn so much”.


  • “It’s helping me a lot”.
  • “It’s helping me with spelling and now I understand what the story means”.
  • “I volunteer to read in class because it helped build my confidence”.
  • “Students say that on the rare occasions when incidents occur, the College deal with it quickly and effectively”.


  • “The College has made fantastic progress, standards have improved in all aspects and continue to do so. There is no complacency”.