Useful Information & FAQs

As a prospective or existing parent of a student at Earl Mortimer College there may be times when you may quickly need an answer to a question.  Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions are below or  please follow the shortcuts on the right-hand side which may also help.

Q. Who do I initially contact to speak to about my child’s education or if they have a problem?

A. Please visit the Communication & How to Contact Us page which will give you a guide of who you need to speak to and also e-mail addresses for key members of staff.  You could also visit our Policies page which might have the the answers you need.   If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ring Reception who will be more than happy to help you.  In most cases, your first point of contact will be with your child’s Form Tutor.

Q. My child has special educational needs, who do I need to talk to with regards to their support?

A. We have a dedicated and hardworking team in XLR8 who support all our students with special educational needs.  Contact Mrs Jo Common, SENCo to discuss your child and how we can ensure that they access every opportunity at the College.  For more information visit our XLR8 (SEN) pages.

Q. Who should I inform if my child is absent from College?

A. If a student is absent, parents must telephone the College and report the absence by choosing option 1 from the menu, on the first day of absence and each subsequent day of absence.  Have you got the Parentmail App?  You can also report your child as absent using the “Notify Absence” function.

Absence for part of the day, because of an appointment at a dentist or doctor, must be explained in advance to Form Tutors or Reception by means of a letter or appointment card.  Parents must collect their child from Reception to take them for their appointment.

Our aim is to encourage and assist all students to reach outstanding levels of attendance and punctuality.  Underpinning this commitment is a belief that students are only able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them if they attend College regularly and punctually.

Q. Can I take my child on holiday during term-time?

A. Any time absent from College will have an adverse effect on student progress and final examination performance.  Therefore holidays during term-time are strongly discouraged.  Regular and sustained attendance at College is a high priority and therefore any application for leave of absence during term-time is likely to be classed as unauthorised.  Unauthorised absence which totals or exceeds 10 sessions (5 days) will result in Herefordshire Council issuing a fine.  Please click on the following link to view the school holiday periods.

Q. What happens if my child feels unwell or needs to take medication during the College day?

A.  Students who feel unwell must get a note from their teacher and go to Reception.  They can stay there until they feel better and return to class, or they are collected by parents.  Any medication that needs to be taken during the College day must be handed in to Reception to be stored securely.  Only medication that has been prescribed will be given to students and parents will need to complete the appropriate form available from Reception.  Sometimes when a child has symptoms that are not severe enough to go home but could be relieved by an over-the-counter medicine we may ring you to ask you to pop in and give your child a dose.

Q. Where can I buy College uniform from?

A.  Our preferred supplier is Clubsport in Leominster.  They hold stock of our school skirt, tie(s), blazer and PE uniform.  Further information regarding our requirements for appearance is in the student planner and also here on the College website – uniform.

Q. What are Student Planners?

A. At the beginning of each academic year, all students are given a Student Planner.  This is essential to good organisation and you should see your child using it every day.  The Student Planner contains important information and dates and a copy of the student timetable.  It should also be used to record homework.

Form Tutors check planners each week to make sure students are using them properly.  Parents should check and sign planners each week.  Comments for Form Tutors can be left in Student Planners.

Q. Do I have to Pay & Display in the Car Park when I am attending a College event?

A. No.  We cover over the Pay & Display machine during parents consultation evenings and other College events.  However, if you are visiting the College at other times you will need to collect a parking permit from Reception or park in one of our visitors bays.

For other visitors, those attending nearby facilities or external clubs which are accommodated by us here at the College, the car park is Pay & Display after 3:30pm each school day, all day on weekends and during school holiday periods.  All the money that is paid into the machine comes back into the College fund.

Q. How will I know if the College is closed due to bad weather?

A. On the rare occasion that the decision is taken to close the College you will be informed directly by us and you can also find out through a number of external sources.  Firstly, you should receive a text or voicemail message from the College advising you that we are closed – this includes details for partial closure.  Secondly, you can check this website – there will be a banner on the front page telling you what the situation is.  Thirdly, we will also report the closure to Herefordshire Council and they will update their website with current information.  Local Radio Stations, including BBC Hereford & Worcester, will also announce the information that is on the Herefordshire Council website.

Q. What happens if my child forgets their lunch money or loses their cashless catering card?

A. We will never see anybody go without lunch.  If your child forgets or loses their lunch money, all they need to do is go to Reception and we will issue them with a lunch ticket to present to the caterer which will allow them to buy their lunch.  They can then pay the money back the next day.  If they lose their cashless catering card, they can still queue up and get their lunch as normal and the ladies at the till point will be able to search the software to access their account and charge them for their meal.  Replacement cards are available to order from Reception at a cost of £2.

Q. As a parent, how can I get more involved with the College?

We have a small fundraising team – (PTFA) Parents, Teachers & Friends Association- and would welcome new members with new ideas and contacts. Members of the PTFA regularly help at College events, including Open Evenings and Awards nights – plus they run events specifically for the students each term, the PTFA Disco’s are always a huge success.  Check the College calendar for dates of the next meetings and watch out for text reminders.

Q. Mobile Phones and other electronic devices.

A. Students must not use mobile phones, iPods or other devices whilst on the College site.  If students use a mobile phone, iPod or other device it will be confiscated and kept in the College safe or locked in Reception until the end of the day when it can be collected by a parent or carer.

We ask that parents support us and do not attempt to contact students on their mobile phones during the College day.  If a parent does need to contact their child urgently then they should telephone Reception who will be able to relay messages to students.  In an emergency, students are also able to contact parents via Reception.

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