Prevent Bullying Now


Hello and welcome to our first Prevent Bullying Now (PBN) blog! If you didn’t already know this is a brand new initiative here at EMC, run by students, to continue to tackle issues surrounding anti-bullying. Each month we will be blogging our efforts and keeping you up to date and in the loop about what we have been doing.

So what is PBN?

This is our new anti- bullying campaign. Students have been working alongside Mrs Gummer to create a student led anti- bullying initiative. This means new resources, assemblies, posters, activities and so much more. We have had a complete revamp!

Why the lion?

Students decided that they want to show solidarity against bullying. Lions work together to protect other members of the pride. We want to eradicate the victim status and unite to show that EMC has no tolerance for bullies.


This is the message we want students to remember. If they are being bullied or know about it, we want them to make as much noise as possible to protect the “pride”. Students can contact Mrs Gummer or any member of the PBN team for help and advice. Stand up and speak out!

You can contact us via our College email: pbn@emc.hereford.sch.uk

So what have we been doing?

Year 11 PBN representatives have been campaigning tirelessly to try and find students to represent their year groups. After presenting an assembly to all year groups, students were asked to write a formal letter to Mrs Gummer applying for the role. Year 11 PBN representatives then spent the week interviewing students for the posts.

So who are the new PBN year representatives?

All applicants were fantastic and showed great enthusiasm but after much consideration the chosen students can be seen below.

Year 11: James Colley, Molly Holland, Adam Smith, Hattie Barnett, Will Hancock, Myles Gordon, Sophie Williams and James Thomas- Mosinski.

PBN team

Year 10: Phoebe Spencer and Amy Small

Year 9: Kate Spencer, Mary Hodges and Antony Rizzo

Year 8: Skye Mcllroy and Adam Kerr

Year 7: Jessica Davies, Megan Minett, Dennis Bambury and Lucy   Hodges

Well done to those students who were successful!

We will be updating staff, students and parents/carers every half term on our efforts to tackle bullying. Until then watch this space for new updates on our fight against bullying!

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