In French and German we are heavily focusing on communication and the cultural aspects of France and Germany. However, we do touch on religious and Pagan celebrations as well as tensions arising from immigration and other social issues. Finally, through MFL trips to Birmingham [German Christmas Market], Boppard [Germany], Normandy [France] and interaction with our bi-lingual Partner schools in Saverne [France] and Nürnberg [Germany] we are well placed to contribute to students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education in a very real context.

In lessons across the Faculty, students are expected to consider the needs and experiences of others, as well as being aware of their own personal responses to events, problems and changes. Teachers in MFL encourage students to discuss and debate a wide range of issues from ‘fair trade’ to sustainable tourism, civic duty and environmental projects. We, like the rest of EMC, encourage young people to enquire, consider and question in lessons and beyond.

Through our Language Leaders programme we educate young people to become teachers themselves, with all the responsibility of fostering curiosity, resilience and enjoyment of languages.


Students are encouraged to gain an understanding of religious and Pagan festivals and traditions in France/Germany, whilst drawing comparisons to British Values. Pupils explore the Muslim faith in Francophone countries and from immigration into Germany with its issues arising from it [e.g. political tension, xenophobia , islamophobia etc]


Moral dilemmas such as wealth and poverty, gender equality and fair trade are all discussed. Students are encouraged to explore ethical issues such as sustainable tourism and caring for the environment. Ideas surrounding radicalisation and extremism are discussed openly in a safe environment.


Students have the opportunity to question lifestyle choices from marriage vs co-habitation, to drug use and healthy eating. Pupils can share viewpoints about social marginalisation [e.g. unemployment or homelessness] whilst showing respect and tolerance for others. Students partake in a lot of pair and group work, thus honing their inter-personal skills necessary for successful relationships.


Foreign and British cultures are celebrated and shared, not only French and German but also the many other languages our College pupils bring with them. Therefore, students recognise a diversity of cultures and become aware of the multicultural make-up of society, here and abroad. Through MFL trips this is enforced and a sense of respect for different traditions and viewpoints is fostered.