Foreign Trips

The Faculty endeavours to make France and Germany very real to the students, and this is achieved by encouraging links with penfriends and by giving the students opportunities to visit the countries. The main aim of the trips is to help make the learning of French and German interesting and colourful to the students in KS3 / 4 in the hope that as many of them as possible will be attracted to studying the languages at GCSE level.

KS4 Nürnberg Exchange Trip – December 2018

12 lucky year 10 students visited the Hans-Sachs Gymnasium in Nürnberg for a return visit. Mrs Joules and Mrs Matthews accompanied the trip, making sure all flights and other arrangements went smoothly.
Our students stayed in their partner’s houses and were able to experience German school lessons! We also visited the German Christmas Market, the Dokumentationszentrum [to learn about WW2] and Reichsparteigelände [where the NSDAP used to hold their Party Ralleys] as well as having a guided tour around the town and castle of Nürnberg. Students had plenty of freedom to arrange activities with their partners – some went shopping, some ice-skating, there was wrestling [??] and an all-nighter… apparently, getting up for a 5.40am departure, did not merit any sleep… A fab time was had by all and we are looking forward to a ‘new batch’ of HSG students visiting EMC in Feburary 2019.

KS4 trip to Saverne

The quaint town of Saverne in the Alsace region of France is twinned with the town of Leominster, and the College has had an educational exchange with Collège Les Sources in its present format since 2006. This 5-day trip is run on a bi-annual basis, and we usually take about 50 MFL students. It`s an ideal opportunity to meet new friends, improve linguistic skills and develop cultural knowledge. We stay in a youth hostel which is situated in one of the wings of the Chateau des Rohans, an eighteenth century palace which now serves as a museum and cultural centre. The hostel is situated in the centre of Saverne, and the students share rooms for 4 – 6. The students spend two of the days at the school with their French friends. They experience a typical French school day where they attend lessons, eat in the canteen and socialise during break-times. We have a whole-day trip to Strasbourg, the capital city Alsace and the centre of the European Parliament. Students are allowed free time to shop and enjoy the atmosphere of this historic city. During the day we enjoy a visit to the gothic cathedral and a trip on one of the many river boats for a discovery tour of the city. Later in the day we venture over the border to the splendid town of Offenburg in Germany where the students are given the opportunity to shop and enjoy some of the tasty ice-creams on offer. Another interesting afternoon includes a visit to the Haut-Barr castle where the views over the Alsace are breathtaking. Tuesday evening is bowling at the “ 4 Vents “ where the students meet up with their French friends for an entertaining couple of hours. This is followed by a fabulous meal at the same venue. On the final evening we all meet at the “ Restaurant La Marne “ for a traditional farewell meal and an opportunity for the students to say farewell to their friends.

Students write reports on the trips upon our return – check the ones below!

Boppard 2014
Saverne 2013
Paris 2013
Paris 2011

French visit to the College

A group of year 10 French students from Collège Les Sources visit us during April / May every year. This gives our students excellent opportunities to extend their friendships and improve their linguistic skills. At the beginning of the 2 day visit, small groups of KS4 MFL students take our French visitors on a guided tour of the college in order that they may experience our modern facilities and resources, and observe subjects that are totally new to them. For the remainder of their stay they are divided into small groups and follow their English friends` timetables. The students have enjoyed lessons that have been especially planned and delivered by many of our staff, and Mr. Wharam`s Radio recordings have been particularly popular! The students also spend time in the MFL Faculty where they work bilingually with KS3 and KS4 students on topics such as Leisure, holidays and school. At the end of the visit, we organise a social afternoon for both French and English students at the Grove Bowling complex.

Paris 3 (1)

Saverne 5

Saverne 7






French working