Modern Foreign Languages

The broad aims of foreign language learning at EMC are two-fold:

1. To give students the confidence, through enjoyable learning experiences, to communicate at levels appropriate to their ability with native speakers of the language

2. To foster positive attitudes towards other countries and to promote an awareness of differences in social customs and behaviour


In Year 7, students are immediately placed into language sets according to their abilities, based largely on the KS2 SAT results achieved in English.

French is the main language studied in KS3 and all students in the X and Y bands will study the language for 3 years.  German is taught to the top 2 sets in year 7, and this continues into years 8 and 9.

Students make option choices at the end of Year 9 and many will choose to study French and /or German at GCSE level during Years 10 and 11.

Teaching Staff:

Mrs R Joules
Miss J Parfitt
Ms I Dunn

Support Staff:

Mrs M Jones



MFL at Key Stage 3

MFL at Key Stage 4

MFL Enrichment

Language Leaders