The central aim of the Mathematics Faculty is the fostering of interest and enthusiasm for Mathematics. We hope to show all pupils that the subject has a value as a tool for many other subjects but also has a beauty and fascination that is uniquely its own.  Mathematics is an exciting, dynamic and logical subject which teaches not only mathematical concepts but how to think and problem solve.  We can achieve success in this policy thanks to the academic qualifications, experience and expertise of the staff.

The state of the art college has its own suite of Maths classrooms each equipped with the latest technology with access to a dedicated ICT suite, which provides an individual machine for each student.

The changes to KS4 exams is being closely monitored and to help you understand the changes that will occur from 2016 into 2017 please see the infographic link on the KS4 Maths page.

Across the college, Maths homework is set on a Wednesday and can be accessed from school or home computer.  Parents are encouraged to take a vested interest in this important part of learning.


For KS4 additional homework tasks are set which increase and improve students’ ability to become fluent and agile across the topics.  Mr Corbett Maths provides free revision flashcards that can be incredibly useful to maintain agility and fluency.

Literacy and Numeracy skills are promoted across the college and are reported on each half term.



Teaching Staff

Mrs D Moczulski - KS4 Lead
Mr M Clapp
Mr P Howl
Mrs V Jones
Mr R Love
Mr J Marrett -KS3 Lead

Support Staff

Mrs J Price
Mrs J Cooke – Learning Mentor
Mr S Bryce – Learning Mentor

Increasingly, applications are finding their way into Maths learning.  One of our favourites is Geogebra.

Maths Geogebra

Try your numeracy skills below:

Useful Links


gcse bitesize

mr barton


exam crazy