Language Leaders

The Language Leaders group is an interesting venture introduced by the Modern Foreign Languages Faculty in September 2010, and it focuses on a series of skills meant to develop the leadership potential of our students.

The group consists of 15 – 20 year 9 students who have made successful written applications stating their reasons for wanting to be members of the group.

During the year the students may be required to:
Organise and run a Languages Festival
Produce a compendium of games and resources to be used in language teaching
Assist during Primary school visits
Produce a cultural powerpoint presentation of their chosen country
Help to organise and run a languages club for Year 7 pupils
Teach a simple lesson in the foreign language to primary school pupils

The outcomes are:
Improved Leadership skills such as Communication, Team work, Organisation, Motivation, Intiative, Preparation and Confidence.
Student ability to support the language learners whilst enhancing their own knowledge of the Foreign Language
Improved Cultural knowledge
Improved transition through friendships created between the Language Leaders and Primary pupils
Increased pupil recruitment for GCSE

The group meets during lunch times and occasionally after school and the students are expected to attend these sessions. They are also given a Language Leaders t-shirt, and those having successfully completed the course receive a certificate.

We usually have to request a small contribution towards the running of the venture, but the Faculty manages to subsidise the majority of the costs through funds raised during the year.