Year 11

I would like to congratulate all Year 11 students on their positive start to what will be the most challenging year in their education. Never before has so much pressure been placed on students to meet target grades in all subject areas, with the final results attained being a direct achievement of the commitment, effort and work that is put in during Year 11.

In order for this good start to be maintained, I would like to remind you of some of our expectations and key dates for Year 11 students:

  • 100% attendance and good punctuality– students should be in College ready to start lessons at 8.45am.
  • The correct uniform – we expect everyone to be dressed for a workplace. Girls should not wear short, tube, or skater skirts, leggings or tight trousers. Trainer style shoes should not be worn. Likewise, extreme hair styles and excessive make up will not be tolerated.
  • No mobile phones.
  • Complete all work to the required standard and meet all deadlines.
  • Accept responsibility for learning and behaviour.
  • Respect the College facilities and contribute to the life of the College.

Students need to leave College with good results to attend any further education, start an apprenticeship or gain employment. We will be monitoring the progress of your child constantly and will be in contact with you if concerns arise. We have systems in place for mentoring, coursework intervention, homework clubs and examination preparation so please encourage your child to fulfill their potential.




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