Year 10

I would like to congratulate all Year 10 students on the positive start that they have made to their Key Stage 4 studies. The behaviour for learning has been fantastic. Through lesson observations and learning walks I have witnessed a purposeful learning environment with high student engagement and accelerated learning taking place across all subject areas.

I would like to remind you of some of our expectations and key dates for Year 10 students in order for this start to be maintained.

  • 100% attendance and punctuality – students should be in College ready to start lessons at 8.45am.
  •  The correct uniform – we expect everyone to be dressed for a workplace. Short skirts and leggings/tight trousers are not to be worn to College. Trainer style shoes are also not permitted. Likewise, no extreme hair styles or excessive make up.
  •  No Mobile phones
  • Respect the College facilities and contribute to the life of the College. Chewing gum is not allowed in college.
  • Parental contact & key dates –There will be a parental contact evening on Thursday 25th February 2016. Your attendance at this is paramount so I would urge you to be present so that you can discuss attainment, progress and performance with your child’s teachers.

With Key Stage 4 seeing the start of examination courses, it is more important than ever that students remain on top of their studies if they are to achieve their targets. Completing homework on time and attending after College revision sessions is vital. The current Year 10 cohort are targeted to achieve the best public examination results in the history of EMC. If we work together I am certain that they will achieve their targets and help the college in its pursuit to become ‘Outstanding’.

Congratulations again, on your very encouraging start to Year 10.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs V E Howells

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