Year 9

This is a very important year for all Year 9 students as they will be selecting their pathway/options for Key Stage 4. Further information including the date for options/pathways evening, will be distributed throughout the academic year. In the meantime, can I please make you aware of the following:

  • During a recent uniform check there were hardly any issues across the entire year group, and the behaviour both in lessons and throughout the College has been excellent. I ask you as parents to continue assisting us in ensuring that these high standards continue. If you are ever in doubt about uniform or other expectations please do check your child’s planner which has a wealth of information, or contact your child’s tutor, who will be happy to help.


  • Attendance is still an absolute priority at the college and we ask for your assistance in making sure that average attendance continues to rise and stays above the national average target. As with most schools we strongly discourage term-time holidays and would ask that every effort is made to keep medical appointments outside of school hours where possible. The more often students attend, the greater their opportunities for success.


  • As a college we value communication with parents very highly and want you to be aware of how your child is progressing. A key way of achieving this is through the student planners which we ask parents to check and sign every week. This not only allows you to see what homework is being received but also previous grades and attendance summaries. It also provides an effective way of communicating with tutors and subject teachers if you have any concerns. Please do continue to check and sign planners every week. Form tutors will be doing the same.



Letters and Useful Info

Year 9 Newsletter – Spring 2018