Year 8


The year 8 students look very smart in their uniforms, which is important and a credit to themselves, to you and to EMC. I would ask that this standard is maintained. In case you do need to renew any uniform during the year, I would ask you to carefully consider whether items meet the College’s uniform criterion before purchasing. This can be found in the student planner, on the website or if in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As reminder these are key areas:

  • Shoes should be black and not canvas, fabric, trainers or pumps. They need to be suitable for all weathers and safe to wear in the workshops. (No boots).
  • Trousers for the girls need to be long black and tailored. No leggings, jeans or tight fitting trousers.
  • Hairstyles must be kept within the policy and with no extremes of style or colour.
  • No jewellery or piercings other than one small gold or silver stud in each ear lobe.
  • School skirts should be knee length and advise the school skirt on sale at Club Sport in Leominster, as other skirts may not meet our permissible options. These include tight ‘tube’ designs, zips, buckles and short skirts.
  • Make up should not be worn.


The link between good attendance and high achievement cannot be stressed enough and will continue to be a focus.

To enable students to reach their full potential it is essential that attendance levels are at least 95%. If attendance drops below this level, it has been statistically proven to have a detrimental effect on your child’s education. Holidays in term time will not be sanctioned as they affect the continuity of learning and thereby student progress.


It is widely acknowledged that students benefit greatly from continuing their learning at home. All students have their planner to record homework. Please support your child by checking and signing each week, having been assured that your son/daughter has completed all of the necessary work.

The first report will be out this term year 8, which will identify challenges and key focus points for the students to address.

EMC is a fantastic place for young people to learn and develop. We have high aspirations for all of our students and we strive to ensure that they achieve their full potential through a clear focus on learning and achievement in a supportive environment. Our House system also challenges and stimulates all of our students in a variety of ways. We are proud of our students’ achievements and want them to do well.

Thank you in advance for your continued support, both in and out of school. There is no doubt that the year will be very busy, but the team are committed to supporting every student in year 8, so that they can get the very best out of their time in school. We know what fantastic students we have in this year group and are looking forward to working with you all.


 Letters and Useful Info