Year 7

Welcome to Earl Mortimer College!

I wish to express my gratitude and praise for helping to ensure that your child has made an extremely positive start to their career at the College. Already, the new Year 7 students are walking with a real sense of pride, confidence and cohesion. The future looks very bright indeed.

This year we are piloting a fresh initiative designed to help ensure the transition to high school runs more smoothly than ever before. 7@EMC means that each child is taught in a mixed-ability class throughout the Autumn Term, mostly with members of their own House and Tutor Group. Lessons are designed to cater for each student’s unique needs and many are supported by additional members of staff. Our focus is upon ensuring that each student maximises their potential and makes academic progress. I shall keep you up to date as time passes.

It’s Good to Talk
We are running several opportunities for us to meet face to face in order to discuss issues that may arise from time to time. The first is our Meet the Tutor evening, scheduled for Thursday 9th October from 3:30pm. Further information will follow. You have the opportunity to meet with the Tutor for a ten minute appointment in their class room. There will be several more opportunities as the year progresses.

Year 7 Activity Day in Oaker Woods
Excitement is reaching fever-pitch among the students and they have been telling me the lengths they are going to earn their place on the trip! Fingers crossed the weather will stay fair. Please return your forms as soon as possible, if indeed you have not already done so. More details to follow.

Behaviour and Expectations
Coming from ten different primary schools, our new Year 7 students are learning that we have a slightly different way of doing things here at EMC. To their credit, each student is behaving well, showing great courtesy, good manners and a can-do attitude in class. Their uniforms look very smart and grown-up.

We continue to prioritise high attendance at EMC. We strongly discourage term-time holidays, we urge all families to make medical appointments outside of college hours, and our students therefore receive a better education via high attendance in class. Thank you for your support.

Best wishes for the coming weeks,
Mr J Wharam, Assistant Principal and Pastoral Leader for Years 7

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