ICT at Key Stage 4

Students in KS4 study the OCR GCSE Computing course. The course consists of two internally assessed tasks together with an exam at the end of year 11.

The course structure is as follow:

A451 – Computing Theory – Assessed by a 1.5 hour exam (40% of total GCSE)

  • Computer Systems
  • Computing Hardware
  • Software
  • Representation of data
  • Databases
  • Communications and Networking
  • Programming

A452 – Practical Investigation (45 marks – 30% of GCSE)

In this unit students carry out a practical investigation of a topic chosen from a list of options provided by the exam board. At EMC we complete the AppInventor assignment which involves students analyzing a set of problems and developing a solution in AppInventor. Students produce a portfolio document consisting of their analysis, design, Construction, Testing and Evaluation stages.

A453 – Programming Project (45 marks – 30% of the GCSE)

In this unit students create solutions to computing tasks from a set of options provided by the exam board. Students will analyse the task, design a solution using stepwise refinement, construct an algorithm that meets the objective(s), construct a programme in Python, Test their programme and evaluate it effectiveness in meeting the problem(s)

GCSE Computing Examination Results

Students who completed year 11 in June 2014 were the first cohort at EMC to complete the GCSE Computing course and a summary of their results is shown below:

Unit A451 – Question Level Analysis

Out of 12 questions on the exam paper the following was obtained by our students:

Marks significantly above the national average 1
Marks obtained above National Average 8
Marks obtained below the National Average 4
Marks significantly below the National Average 0


Unit A452

Uniform mark scale National Average – 64/90

EMC Computing department National Average – 69/90

Unit A453

Uniform mark scale National Average – 62/90

EMC Computing department National Average – 66/90

Overall Outcomes

Grades EMC OCR – National proportion
A*-A 31% 24%
A*-B 55% 46%
A*-C 76% 67%
A*-G 100%