Geography at Key Stage 3

The new National Curriculum offers the geographers of EMC an exciting breadth of topics.  In Year 7, students are introduced to the underlying principals of their subject, namely, human and physical geography.  They are introduced to map reading and they develop their skills in areas such as describing and explaining.  Countries and themes also play a big part of their formative development, where students explore the British Isles, learning about British geography.  We then take a short hop to Africa, where students start to look at how this fascinating continent varies in its physical and human state.

In Year 8, students look at more developed themes, such as coastal management and climate change.  Students study weather patterns, even building their own rain gauges to record the amounts of rainfall and discover the reasons behind their results.  Students also look in to the energy crisis and evaluate the pros and cons of renewable energy.  This gives students the opportunity to debate and empathise with different views and opinions.

In Year 9, the expectation of hitting National Curriculum targets is ever present and students use all the skills and understanding they have developed in the earlier two years to investigate topics such as population, development and the geography of crime!  Students are exposed to higher order thinking skills such as evaluating and comparing.  This is a key year as students begin to think about and then make those all important option choices.  In geography, we support all students to excel and achieve their best at all times.