Geography at Key Stage 3

No two Geography lessons are the same. Why not? Because the world around you is always changing. Our Geography lessons are designed to offer you a glimpse of what is happening and why.

From rivers to cities, volcanoes to the coast and earthquakes to the countryside, your studies will lead you in many different directions.

Every student studies Geography in Years 7, 8 and 9. Those who wish to earn a GCSE qualification that is universally regarded by many universities and employers as incredibly useful and desirable choose Geography here at EMC, all the way up to the end of Year 11.

Eye-opening, enlightening, fascinating and always on the move, the Geography team is looking forward to opening your eyes to the magnificent world around you.


Your team of Geography teachers includes:

Mr Wharam, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and closet pan-continental wine connoisseur.

Mr Webb, a Member of the Geographical Association and upcoming Master Chef contender.

Miss Hussey, full-time Historian and passionate Geographer.

Mr Wood, a born Historian and born-again Geographer.

Mr Fallon, a master of the Humanities and teacher of Geography.