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Revision is more than just reading through the notes you’ve made in class – it also means knowing how to answer the questions for real when you’re sitting in the exam. Using old exam questions to practice on will help make passing your exams easier.


The table below shows the different Faculties and revision links that could help you achieve the grades you deserve in each subject area.

EnglishDrama Revision
English Literature Revision
English - Past Papers
Corbett Maths
GCSE Revision Grid
Study Maths
GCSE Maths - Higher Checklist
GCSE Maths - Foundation Checklist
GCSE Maths Presentation
ScienceScience Revision
Additional Science
Triple Science
My GCSE Science
Planet Science
Revision World
Chemistry Revision
Cyber Physics
Physics Quizzes
GCSE Science Exam Revision
GCSE Science Revision - Youtube
SportGCSE PE Revision
MFLFrench Exam Techniques
German Mock Advice
GCSE Themes
HistoryHistory Revision
GeographyGeography Revision Letter
EMC Geography Twitter Page
REPFull Course Revision
Short Course Revision
TechnologyResistant Materials
GCSE Food Revision
GCSE Food Powerpoint

Revision Tips

Looking After Yourself During Your GCSE’s – A Guide for Students
An emotionally healthy approach to GCSEs – A Guide for Parents
Revision Techniques
Revision Tips
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