Literacy plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day life for both staff and students. Furthermore, with GCSE examinations becoming increasingly difficult, it is imperative that students are confident with literacy skills across all faculty areas.

Literacy is not an area that is isolated to the English department. It is covered in all faculties and monitored by all teachers. This is to ensure that each student can access their class work leading onto their examinations in Ks4.

To embed this core idea, we have implemented the Five Key Principles of Literacy. This initiative has been adopted by all teaching staff and students are familiar with the principles:

  1. ERICEverybody reads in college. All KS3 students have a fortnightly library lesson where they have the opportunity to borrow books to ensure that they have access to reading material.
  2. ModellingAll teaching staff will model writing with students, using consistent terminology and structures.
  3. ParagraphingStudents will be able to develop an idea into a well-developed paragraph.
  4. DIRTAll teaching staff will use consistent assessment methods, providing the opportunity for students to respond to written feedback.
  5. Full sentencesAll students and all teaching staff members should adopt speaking in complete sentences in lessons to guide students with question answering in their examinations.

Please click here to see EMC’s Literacy Policy.