SMSC in English

The English Department are proud to offer a range of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences through English lessons and extra-curricular activities. Our curriculum allows students to extend their spiritual, moral, social and cultural appreciation and understanding of society. Students express their creativity and understanding of other cultures through their study of literature and non-fiction texts which allow students to develop and showcase their skills, knowledge and experiences through SMSC in English.

Spiritual development within English

  • English Yr10 & Yr11 GCSE texts – religious imagery and meaning
  • English Yr9 Introduction to Literature unit – sense of identity and self-worth
  • English Yr9 transition unit – self – worth
  • English Yr8 – Private Peaceful/Skellig – reflection, self-worth and history
  • English Yr8 – Conflict Poetry – increased sense of identity
  • English Yr7 – National Issue Community Project – increased sense of identity, understanding of diverse groups.
  • English Yr7 – Holes – reflection, self-worth and identity

Moral development within English

  • English Yr9 Introduction to Literature unit – prejudice in literature
  • English Yr8 Titanic unit – social class division and prejudice
  • English Yr8 Shakespeare unit – Romeo and Juliet– exploring choices made – moral values
  • English Yr10 Shakespeare unit – Macbeth/Romeo and Juliet – exploring choices made – moral values
  • English Yr7 Shakespeare unit – Introduction to Shakespeare – exploring choices made – moral values
  • English Yr10 – An Inspector Calls – prejudice; social values
  • English Yr8 Conflict – WW1 conflict; race and gender prejudice and discrimination
  • English Yr9 – ‘Of Mice and Men’, Steinbeck/Heroes – discrimination; social values
  • English Yrs 7– 11 – Speaking and Listening discussions and debates on topical issues
  • English Yr11 – media and non-fiction unit – how different genders and cultures are portrayed in the media

Social development within English

  • English Yrs7 – 11 – Speaking and Listening – group discussions and presentations; drama role play and hot seating – team learning
  • English Yr8 – Titanic – social values and theme of power within society
  • English Yr10 – An Inspector Calls– social values; theme of power/inequality within society

Cultural development within English

  • English Yr8 and 10 – Conflict and Literary Heritage Poetry – understanding different cultures and experiences
  • English Yr9 ‘Of Mice and Men’, Steinbeck/Heroes – understanding American contemporary culture and context
  • English Year 11 – An Inspector Calls – historical, social and cultural context of the play
  • English Yr10 – media and non-fiction – how different cultures are portrayed in media texts