Independent Learning Projects

The English Faculty’s Independent Learning Project homework assessment task is a skills based programme where skills can be transferred from one department to another and more importantly, to the community in which pupils live in.

With this in mind, and in light of the direction that education is taking, we have designed a programme which encapsulates and encourages Functional Skills, independent learning, higher order thinking skills and the ability to be interpretative, perceptive and analytical.

We have made sure that this homework programme is accessible to all students in the following ways:

1 Ability

2 Absentee students

This homework programme builds challenge into it, furthering students’ understanding of the scheme of work in which they are being taught at that particular moment. Nevertheless, more emphasis is placed upon students developing key skills (independence, research, analysis and so forth).  This homework enables pupils to produce one final piece. However, a series of tasks may well need to be completed to get to this final stage.

The projects encourage students to use computers, the internet and Library books. They will be discouraged from ‘copying and pasting’.

Each project relates to the scheme of work taught at the time.

An overall level will be given including comments WWW (what went well) and EBI (even better if). Teachers can also use these projects as an opportunity to peer assess and self-assess.

Please click on a link to see more information:

Year 7

Island Survival
An Introduction to Shakespeare
Introduction to Poetry
Non Fiction
National Issue Community Project

Year 8

A Christmas Carol
Romeo and Juliet
Non Fiction
Private Peaceful

Year 9

An Inspector Calls  and Quotes from An Inspector Calls
Of Mice and Men
Transition Unit