Accelerated Reading Programme

This year all KS3 students have been enrolled on the Accelerated Reader programme with the aim to improve literacy and reading abilities, and to promote and foster a culture of reading in the college.

Accelerated Reader is a tried and tested method which has worked effectively in schools across the country for many years. At the beginning of the programme students take the Star Reading Test which will produce an individual book-level based on their reading age. The programme caters for struggling, proficient and advanced readers, and allows for individual pathways to be developed rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Students select and read a book at their book-level before taking a specific online quiz and receiving immediate feedback. Students respond to this regular feedback and are therefore motivated to make progress with their reading skills. Students are awarded points for every book they successfully read, and this will be acknowledged throughout the year with prizes, achievement certificates and other rewards. Our goal is to turn reluctant readers into avid readers, and encourage a lifelong love of reading.

Accelerated Reading will form part of KS3 students’ weekly English classes, with one designated library session per week. This will give students an opportunity to read independently and with their teacher and the librarians, as well as take the quizzes and find new books to read. With over 900 books in the library to choose from, there will be a story for everyone! Students will also keep reading logs where they can track their progress and record their reading sessions. We expect students to read a minimum of 4 times a week; during their library session, at tutor time and twice at home.

More information about Accelerated Reader can be found at www.renlearn.co.uk/accelerated-reader and we encourage parents and guardians to learn more about the scheme and support their child’s reading.