Accelerated Reading Programme

This year all KS3 students have been enrolled on the Accelerated Reader programme with the aim to improve literacy and reading abilities, and to promote and foster a culture of reading in the college.

  • Accelerated Reader is the best tool to help you improve your reading age! By starting in KS3, you should be a much more competent reader by year 11.
  • Reading is like sport, the more you do, the better you get! By reading for just 20 minutes a day you can make progress. Research shows that if children are reading and understanding on a daily basis for 19 to 24 minutes a day there’s substantial growth. If they are reading and understanding for less than three minutes a day, they regress. If you read for an hour during your library lesson, 20 minutes during ERIC at tutor time and for 30 minutes at home, you will be well on your way to making progress!
  • Reading helps writing, so the better reader you are, the more confidence you will have with writing.
  • COMING SOON: Parents will be able to access their child’s Accelerated Reader log in to monitor their progress and their reading material. Details to follow shortly.

More information about Accelerated Reader can be found at www.renlearn.co.uk/accelerated-reader and we encourage parents and guardians to learn more about the scheme and support their child’s reading.