English at Key Stage 4

Key Stage Four students will leave Earl Mortimer College with two GCSE qualifications in English:  English Literature and English Language. Students will begin their GCSE English Literature course in the final term of Year Nine and will sit their Literature exams at the end of Year Ten. English Language exams will be sat at the end of Year Eleven. Students will be graded from 1-9 (for additional information see https://www.gov.uk/government/news/setting-standards-for-new-gcses-in-2017)

The Eduqas English Literature GCSE teaches tolerance and acceptance of others as the texts studied reflect the experiences of people from different ethnicities, religions and socio-economic groups. This course will help contribute to a student’s sense of cultural identity. Making the study of Literature engaging, enjoyable and relevant can inspire pupils to question particular assumptions and stereotypes regarding the society in which they inhabit. This can increase a student’s confidence and encourage them to become vocal and active members of society.

Students studying to achieve the Eduqas English Language GCSE will develop skills that will give them the ability to succeed in later life. Furthermore, the activities that these students will undertake will empower them to thrive in all areas of the curriculum.

NEW 2015 EDUQAS ENGLISH QUALIFICATION information can be found here.

“I have just started my GCSE English Literature course. We are working on the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ and I am really enjoying the challenge” (Year Nine student)

“At the start of Year Ten, I found English Language difficult but now I love it and I am succeeding! I like being able to read extracts and give my opinions about them” (Year Ten student)

“I have been given numbers (1-9) instead of a grades (A*-G) in English which was strange at first but my teacher explained the system clearly and I am now aware what each number means and what standard I am achieving” (Year Ten student)

“My teacher encourages me to read at home to help me with my English. I have been recommended books and these are really helping me with my work in class” (Year Eleven student)

“My lessons are well structured which enables me to learn quickly. My work is marked ready for the following lesson meaning we get more feedback and we are able to improve our work” (Year Ten student)

“My teacher is a very inspirational with a great sense of humour which helps me learn” (Year Ten student)