The English Faculty at Earl Mortimer College consists of dynamic, effective practitioners who are all dedicated to accomplishing high standards for our students. Pupil achievement is at the forefront of each lesson taught, and teaching styles are adapted to suit every child’s needs. Forging relationships and ensuring successful transitions from key stage to key stage are vital to pupil progression. It is a fundamental duty for each teacher to build upon and further improve the standards that a student has reached at the end of their primary school career. In order to support pupils, schemes of work in Year 7 and Year 9 prepare them for the significant changes that each key stage heralds. It is without doubt that teachers ‘never stand still’ as we whole-heartedly believe that progression is the key to success. Every child deserves the right to reach their full potential, to be the best that they can be, whatever their ability, and we work exceptionally hard in order to help each student achieve their utmost.

Teaching Staff:

Miss N Goodman – Assistant Principal/Head of Faculty for English and Humanities/Teacher of English
Mr D Quigley – Second in Faculty/Whole College G&T Coordinator/ Teacher of English
Miss A Babington – Whole College Literacy Coordinator/Teacher of English
Mrs D Blackmore – Vice Principal/Teacher of English
Mrs K Price – Teacher of English
Mr R Shill – Teacher of English
Mr S Wood – Teacher of English

Support Staff:

Miss A Beddoes
Mrs J Matthews
Mrs S Ridd

English at Key Stage 3
English at Key Stage 4
SMSC in English
English Enrichment
British Values
EMC Library