Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2016-2017

In 2016-17 Earl Mortimer College has been allocated £8,243 in funding for students who met the criteria of not having achieved a score of 100 in Reading and/or Maths.  This funding has yet to be confirmed.

This funding, as the name suggests, is to help these students to ‘catch up’ with their peers during their first year at Earl Mortimer College.

The objectives of the funding:

  • to close the attainment gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support to students entitled to the Catch up Premium
  • to raise self-esteem and aspirations of students entitled to Catch up Premium
  • to enhance existing provision
  •  to identify concerns and target intervention and support to accelerate progress
  •  to ensure that parents are informed and involved where appropriate.

How is it planned to spend the funding?

Item Intervention Cost
Catch up numeracy intervention in Maths


Specialist learning mentor led 1:3 intervention sessions for English.


Resources, exercise books and materials 245
Total Spending £8,245