Pupil Premium Grant

As a College, we aim to ensure that all students have access to the appropriate support, guidance and curriculum in order to close the disadvantage gap.  Inequalities will be addressed, by focussing on personalised programmes for all pupil premium students.

The Government has allocated a specific Pupil Premium grant to every school.

The allocation received by Earl Mortimer College for the academic year 2018/2019 was £181,072.  188 students are entitled to this funding.

This year, we have focused the Pupil Premium funding on improving outcomes for all Pupil Premium students in English, Science and Maths.  It has been our experience that Pupil Premium students benefit from additional intervention and support with Literacy and Numeracy. We have also focused on improving the attendance of all our students, and in particular our Pupil Premium students, and ensuring that students who need closer monitoring to meet their targets are given regular support.

For the full Pupil Premium Strategy document click here.