College Development Plan

The CDP is the format used by the College to share its plans, strategies and ambitions for the future, with all members of the College community.

The Governing Body oversee the plan; they approve it at the outset and then review it after each year of operation. The present plan is for the current academic year – September 2018 to August 2019.


We will ensure that all teaching is:

• consistently of a high quality
• effectively challenging
• able to stretch all students of every ability.

We will ensure appropriate intervention and support is in place for underachieving students, focussing on Pupil Premium students and other vulnerable groups.

We will improve the accuracy of internal assessment, to ensure student progress and positive outcome data.

We will also use Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and peer review to ensure all teaching is good, with at least 25% of lessons being outstanding.


Our work this year is aiming to secure the positive progress of every student across the curriculum using consistent high quality teaching and assessment to raise standards.

We will also concentrate on the following areas:

• ways to close the gap between boys’ and girls’ progress
• ways to diminish the difference between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium students
• ensuring that faculties are rapidly improving in line with the highest performing faculties.



We will continue to build capacity for effective leadership at every level in the College. We will do this through focussed CPD, diligent performance management and open dialogue with all stakeholders.

Our work with the Governors will continue to be robust and informed, to secure greater links with the curriculum and faculties.



We know that in order for our climate for learning to be stimulating and secure, we will need to maintain consistent codes of behaviour and teacher expectations.

In order for students to achieve, they need to attend regularly, and our aim is to improve attendance figures to a minimum of 95%.

We will work towards diminishing the difference between the attendance of Pupil Premium students and non-PP students.

The College Priority Plan is available to here.