Our key aim is to ensure that all concerns or queries are dealt with speedily and efficiently.  We are of the view, based on considerable experience, that most issues can be dealt with effectively if you are able to discuss your concerns with members of staff.

The following information sets out a clear line of communication for parents and carers to follow.

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with any aspect of your child’s education or treatment at College then you are encouraged to communicate with us immediately.  In any such instance we hope that you will let the appropriate member of staff know of your concern so that we can work together to resolve the issue.

We are available to receive telephone calls, e-mails, letters or meet with you as is appropriate and necessary.

Do try to locate the specific member of staff you wish to speak to and, also, the more specific you can be about your concern, the more chance we have of being able to act directly to resolve it.

Please note that there are a range of options and choices available and that if an issue cannot be resolved in the first instance, there is a full range of staff you can contact.  The Principal is always prepared to be involved in a situation if it is not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

Click HERE for a quick-view Communication Flowchart which indicates the route to follow if you have an issue, however, please scroll down further for specific information.

The front line service of EMC is the Administration Team and often a simple telephone call to Reception will be enough to secure a response to your query.  However, if you wish to speak to a specific member of staff please ask for them by name.  As teachers are usually teaching, we often reply after 3.30 pm but we do aim to respond within 24 hours.

If you have a concern about your child’s welfare, attendance, homework or progress in general please contact your son or daughter’s tutor in the first instance.

If the query is about a specific subject then contact the specific subject teacher.

Tutors and subject teachers are available to receive telephone calls, e-mails or meet with parents or carers.  Sometimes a note in your child’s planner will be a useful means of making contact.

It may be that you then seek greater clarification or desire a follow up meeting to your initial request.  If this is subject specific (ie Maths, English etc) then please contact the Faculty Leader.

FacultyFaculty Leader/Co-ordinatorContact Email
English and DramaMiss N Goodmanngoodman@emc.hereford.sch.uk
MathematicsMr J Marrettjmarrett@emc.hereford.sch.uk
ScienceDr D Kellydkelly@emc.hereford.sch.uk
HumanitiesMiss N Goodmanngoodman@emc.hereford.sch.uk
Modern Foreign LanguagesMiss N Goodmanngoodman@emc.hereford.sch.uk
Technology, Art and MusicMrs J De Sondbergjde-sondberg@emc.hereford.sch.uk
SportsMr G Morrisgmorris@emc.hereford.sch.uk
Additional Needs (XLR8)Mrs J Commonjocommon@emc.hereford.sch.uk

However, if it is a concern about a pastoral or a student welfare issue then please contact your child’s Tutor in the first instance or the Pastoral Leader for your child’s year group.

Year GroupKey Stage Pastoral LeaderContact Email
7Miss E Parton
Pastoral Leader
Mr S Murphy
Pastoral Lead Year 8
9 Mrs C Stables
Pastoral Lead Year 9
10 & 11Mr P Bescoby
Key Stage Pastoral Leader
Sixth FormMr N Maddock
key Stage Pastoral Leader

If your concerns are about more complex issues, or a situation that has not yet achieved resolution, you may wish to take the matter further.  In order to do so, you may wish to contact, and possibly meet with, a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

All pastoral, student welfare and disciplinary issues are led and managed by Mr N Maddock, Assistant Principal and Pastoral Leadernmaddock@emc.hereford.sch.uk.

For safeguarding issues contact Mr J Wharam, Assistant Principal.   jwharam@emc.hereford.sch.uk

If you wish to discuss a curriculum, assessment, reporting or Year 9 option issue please contact Mr P South, Vice Principal and Lead for Reporting and Assessment.  psouth@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Vice Principal, Mr P South is also available to meet with parents and carers on any issue if it is perceived that resolution has not been reached by going through all the appropriate channels. dblackmore@emc.hereford.sch.uk

Mrs D Blackmore and Mr A Long, share the role as Principal and are similarly poised to meet with parents and carers over any issue if resolution has not been achieved by going through the appropriate channels. The Principal is likely to meet with parents if it involves a Fixed Period Exclusion, a Permanent Exclusion or if there is a particular concern about a member of staff.  Mr Long can be contacted via his PA, Miss L Griffiths.  lgriffiths@emc.hereford.sch.uk

If you wish to write directly to the Principal, this is also a perfectly acceptable means of making contact. The Principal will respond within 24 hours.

Other issues that may invoke a query or concern could be health and safety, school policies or organisation and cost of visits. It may be that the most appropriate staff member to address your concerns is either the College Business Manager, Mrs M Adams – madams@emc.hereford.sch.uk or the College Finance Manager, Mrs E Lloyd – elloyd@emc.hereford.sch.uk .

For all queries about SEN or students with a learning challenge, students on the AEN register or School Action + support, please contact our SENCo Mrs J CommonJoCommon@emc.hereford.sch.uk

If after having gone through the appropriate channels and you still wish to pursue a particular concern or complaint please contact either the Clerk to the Board of Governors orthe Chair of the Board of Governors,  Mr Andy Gosling, via the College address.

Any concerns or complaints that reach this stage will automatically mean parents/carers receive a full copy of the College’s formal Complaints Policy.

A copy of the Complaints Policy is available to here.