The National Curriculum for England provides Citizenship education to all students from Years 7 to 11. EMC delivers the subject in a combination of unique ways right across the curriculum.

At Key Stage 3, each of your teachers will deliver a series of lessons which include aspects of Citizenship. They will highlight what these links are. At the end of the unit or topic your work will be assessed.

During Key Stage 4 you will also find that your subjects all contain aspects of Citizenship education. Once again your teachers will make it clear to you how the subjects link together.

Your Reports will show you how much progress you are making towards your target level at Key Stage 3. During Key Stage 4 you will read about your progress in your Reports too.

You will experience aspects of Citizenship in other ways too. Assemblies, tutor activities and Skills 4 Life include lots of Citizenship-related activities that will make you think long and hard about your community, your country and the way the world works around you.

The College and Year Councils give you a good working knowledge of representative democracy and allow every student to have a say in how the College works by electing student councillors to offer a student voice to the people who make decisions about the future of learning in our community.

Citizenship is about knowing how to express your informed opinions in a way that will get noticed and make things better for you, your peers and the wider community.

Be part of it? You already are!