SMSC in Art

Spiritual development within Art and Design

The Art and Design course is dependent on the students’ ability to enquire and communicate their ideas, meanings and feelings. We encourage independent thinking that will enable students to develop their ideas and intentions and express these in an appropriate manner. Students will experience working collaboratively and independently exploring areas that are new to them making links between art and design and other subject areas within the curriculum.

All projects require pupils to express and realise ideas. Students will analyse, engage with and question their own and others work, identifying how beliefs, values and meanings are expressed and shared in a visual way.

A number of projects and units throughout the Art and Design course provide pupils with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of different religions and beliefs. Projects provide opportunities and encourage students to independently explore their own and others ideas, feelings and beliefs. Students’ progress in their understanding through their own investigations, analysis and communication and realisation of intentions.

Pupils undertaking the Art and Design course will be exposed to a wide variety of cultures, beliefs and religions. Through their investigations they will research and explore the religious and non-religious beliefs adopted by a variety of cultures from around the world. Students will be encouraged to independently develop their knowledge and understanding of beliefs. They will explore war, suffering, freedom, nature, the real and unreal, culture, custom, influence, society, moral issues, the local community, national issues personal issues and the world today.

Moral development within Art and Design.

Within the Art and Design course, many projects and units provide the learner to explore and develop their knowledge and understanding of matters relating to gender, race, other cultures and people with respect to their abilities.

Students are encouraged to investigate a wide variety of art and artists developing their understanding of concepts and ideas. The artists chosen have been inspired by their own life experiences and research into these artists exposes the concepts, ideas and meanings behind their work.

Throughout the courses students are encouraged to research work from other cultures as well as their own for inspiration. It is sometimes through this investigation that the pupils develop their understanding of equal opportunities with relation to gender and race.

Social development within Art and Design

We encourage equal opportunities throughout the department providing students with a wide variety of activities that promote working collaboratively and developing their sensitivity with matters relating to equal opportunities.

Art and Design offers students the opportunity to improve and develop their knowledge and understanding of how beliefs may affect an individual’s attitudes and behaviours.

Students are encouraged to express personal ideas, meanings and feelings throughout the development of their work on the art and design course. Projects are developed that promote individual expression of intent and the realisation of personal ideas. Units are designed to allow pupils to explore influences and concepts of themes and use the information to help them express their findings in their own way.

Students work is celebrated throughout the school and displayed in many areas. Pupils work independently and collaboratively to develop public and community artworks that express relationships between the students and local community.

Cultural development within Art and Design.

Students undertaking Art and Design at GCSE and BTEC level must show a clear influence of context and external and internal forces that propel them and other artists to create artwork. They explore and engage the viewer with a range of images and artefacts from different contexts. Pupils will explore the varied characteristics of different cultures and use this information to inform the development of their own ideas.

Pupils will explore the culture of their own society as well as local, national and international identity.

Throughout the projects and units of work students will investigate visual, tactile and other sensory qualities of their own and others work. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of artists’ ideas and concepts identifying how meanings are conveyed.